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URLAR, Gladstone

Our Passion & Dedication to our Land & our Vines


URLAR [pron. er-lar], The Earth in Gaelic. Our 31 hectare vineyard located on ancient free-draining soils has 94,000 vines which when in full production will produce over 15,000 cases per year.

Our inter-row crop rotation maintains healthy soils full of life and bio diversity. Every year, one row in seven will be sowed in a variety of plants and benefical flowers.

These flowers, such as buckwheat, lupins and phacelia provide crucial protection to the vineyard attracting beneficial insects that will kill off unwanted pests that can destroy the fruit and vines.

A good example of this is the Tasmanica Wasp which preys on the Leaf roller Caterpillar – a pest that causes harmful botrytis, a type of rot in the grape bunches.

For more information about biodynamics and organic practices in our vineyard click here.